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Doors of Kathmandu

The most versatile piece in a building, [the door] has been a mode of expression [for] ages. The door in apartments and modern societies is just a mode of a transition from outside to inside. In traditional cities and neighborhoods, like that of Kathmandu, it’s much more than that. It’s the place where people spend most of their time. Sitting at the Chaukhat, socializing and chatting. The door is not just a tangible unit, it’s the respect you give to your building.
Below are the photos I clicked during my site visits and explorations in and around Kathmandu, Nepal. The collection will keep on updating. 

Update: A wonderful poem by my ex-professor, mentor and friend, Saurabh Tewari

द्वार नहीं हैं ये बस लकड़ी के।
सदियों से चल रही संस्कृति के।
बस रंग नहीं हैं, अभिकल्प नहीं हैं,
प्रमाण हैं ये नेपाल की हस्ती के। 

नेपाल के दरवाज़े देखिए, निपुण प्रभाकर की आँखो से।

There is a tradition of offering prayers at the door every morning. The two red dots are the offerings to the 'Dwarpals' (security guards).

ou pass through any old newari settlement in Nepal and you will find these beautiful doors painted in bright colors. By making these intricate doors you don't do something special, it's the Respect you give to your house.

At Patan Darbar Square

I see a symbol of kukhri knife and the British crown, does anyone know about it more? are they the families of the Gurkha battalion in the British army? 

This Artwork is done around the doors of the houses where the one of the owners have crossed the age of 77 while his/her better half is still alive.    

Featured in Hindustan times.

 Lead your dream. With an element of Banksy.

 With a peep hole.

 That's the door of our rented residence

Flushed in.
Update: It is not possible to keep updating the same post, So I have made an Instagram page. You can access it here. This way, More people can contribute to the beautiful doors of Kathmandu.
Update: Find this article on Archdaily here
Update: Find this post on Architecture Live here.


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